Affordability out of reach under NDP housing plan

DAWSON CREEK (June 23, 2022) – BC United Housing Critic Mike Bernier released the following statement on the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) new report on housing supply:

“Today’s report highlights the critical lack of housing supply in B.C. According to CMHC, B.C. will need to build 570,000 additional homes by 2030 to deliver any sort of affordability to the housing market — far more than the NDP’s promise of 114,000 affordable homes.

“Even if the NDP were on track to meet their housing goal, they would still be nowhere close to reaching the benchmark of affordability set by the CMHC. And inexcusably, the NDP have fallen far behind when it comes to building needed new homes.

“The NDP should be nearly halfway through their 10-year plan by this point, but they have barely scratched the surface. According to Housing Minister ​David Eby, the NDP’s flagship Building BC housing plan has only opened 7,219 units.

“Housing has never been less affordable in B.C., and unless this NDP government gets serious about working with the private sector to get more homes built across the province, affordability will continue to worsen.

“Dramatic and decisive action is required to increase housing supply. If Premier John Horgan was serious about cancelling his billion-dollar vanity museum project, he would invest funding into the issues that truly matter to people, including affordability, and immediately get to work building the homes British Columbians desperately need.”