BC United’s student-first policies challenge NDP’s failing grade on education

BC United’s student-first policies challenge NDP’s failing grade on education

VANCOUVER (September 6, 2023) – With countless B.C. students returning this week to outdoor portables thanks to overcrowded schools, a new vague grading system, and declining literacy rates, Kevin Falcon and BC United are committing to new reforms to turn the page after more than six years of NDP failures to put student outcomes first.

“Setting up future generations for success is one of the most important tasks for any government. After two terms of the NDP, all we’ve seen is an increase in school portables and declining literacy rates. All the while David Eby is more focused on scrapping letter grades than building schools or doing anything to prioritize learning outcomes. It’s unacceptable,” said Kevin Falcon, BC United Leader. “Back-to-school week should serve as a reminder to elected officials that we have a responsibility to students in every corner of this province to provide a quality education and learning environments to help them thrive. Parents and teachers are tired of broken NDP promises and rhetoric. They deserve action and a government that meets their commitments.”

Today, Kevin Falcon pledged that a BC United-led government will:

  • Enforce a K-12 classroom ban on non-instructional smartphone use to enhance student engagement.
  • Reinstate letter grades to replace the NDP’s vague grading system, respecting parental input.
  • Strengthen measures to combat youth vaping and safeguard children’s health.
  • Commit to an accelerated on-time and within-budget school construction program, putting an end to the cycle of empty NDP promises and overcrowded portables.


“While the NDP continues to overlook the valid concerns of parents and teachers, BC United is focused on improving student engagement, restoring transparency in grading, protecting children’s health, and following through on our promises to get more schools built,” added Elenore Sturko, BC United Shadow Minister for Education. “As a mom, and as an MLA, I’ve heard directly from many involved in the education system concerned about worsening literacy rates, the lack of funding for special needs students, and the consistent lack of consultation from this NDP government. It’s clear something must change. Taking action to ensure students and teachers have a positive and healthy classroom environment is critical to set the next generation up for success. We owe our kids that.”