MLA Sturdy’s statement on the Crown land residential program update

VICTORIA (November 9, 2023) – BC United MLA for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Jordan Sturdy has released the following statement on the Crown land residential program update:

“After years of calling on the NDP to cap rent increases on crown land, I am glad to see this government finally change course and give leaseholders some long-overdue clarity and relief.

“Over the past number of years, skyrocketing property values on Crown land, such as those in my constituency of West Vancouver-Sea to Sky, have left Crown land residential lease tenants under threat of rent increases of up to 300 percent. It was baffling to watch the NDP government cap rents for every landlord in B.C. while exempting themselves.

“In March of 2022, I first introduced a Private Members Bill in the B.C. Legislature that would have delivered relief to tenants much sooner. Unfortunately, the NDP never allowed us to debate the bill, instead leaving tenants to face rising uncertainty and rising costs.

“Nonetheless, I am encouraged that this NDP government has finally chosen to respond to our repeated calls for action, by adopting the principles of my bill and limiting Crown land rent increases to the same Residential Tenancy Branch maximums that all other B.C. landlords must adhere.

“I hope tenants now get the chance to breathe more easily knowing that they will no longer be under the threat of unfair rent hikes.”

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