Time to dismiss Dix: Eby must fire the ‘Minister of Cancer Care Chaos’

VICTORIA (December 7, 2023) – Today, BC United Leader Kevin Falcon is renewing his calls for the firing of Health Minister Adrian Dix, as the NDP government continues to fail to address the escalating crisis in cancer care under David Eby.

“For the good of all of B.C.’s cancer patients, Adrian Dix must be fired,” said Falcon. “He’s destroyed what was once a world-leading cancer care system. Patients with cancer are being told that assisted suicide is a better option than trying to get life-saving care in B.C. How bad does it have to get before David Eby will fire him?”

Under Dix, delays and denial are the ‘new normal’, with recent statistics showing a continuous decline in the timely delivery of radiation therapy, with only 75 percent of cancer patients in B.C. receiving essential treatment within the critical four-week window. This is down from 93 percent in 2018 and well below the national average of 97 percent. All while the NDP’s backup plan to send cancer patients to private hospitals in Washington is also failing to meet benchmarks, with just 12 patients receiving U.S. care per week compared to the 50 originally promised by Dix.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are unable to get timely medical imaging, one million British Columbians are waitlisted to see specialists, our province has the worst walk-in clinic wait times in Canada, emergency rooms are chronically understaffed and repeatedly closed throughout B.C., and one in five British Columbians don’t have access to a family doctor. This is a five-alarm fire in our healthcare system and Adrian Dix has seen it get worse under his watch every single year,” concluded Falcon. “Cancer can’t wait. We cannot afford to let the failures of this Health Minister persist any longer. Adrian Dix’s incompetence has cost lives and David Eby needs to immediately fire him. British Columbians deserve more than just broken NDP promises. They deserve action.”

United, we can fix the cancer care crisis in B.C. by prioritizing patients, addressing the NDP’s mismanagement, and implementing clear targets, specific timelines, and robust evaluation to restore B.C.’s once-exemplary cancer care system.




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