BC United commits to increasing support for B.C.’s firefighters

VICTORIA (March 11, 2024) – BC United Leader Kevin Falcon released the following statement in support of firefighters in B.C.:

“Firefighters play a vital role in our province, doing invaluable, life-saving work to keep our communities safe. They put themselves at risk, working tirelessly to protect both people and property across our province.

“It’s why government needs to ensure it is doing everything possible to support B.C.’s brave firefighters — including making sure they get the best possible care for their physical and mental health.

“Today, our BC United Caucus is committing to taking immediate action on key priorities outlined by the BC Professional Fire Fighter’s Association.

“A BC United Government would:

  • Enhance the BC Workers Compensation Act for Presumptive Cancer Coverage by:
    • Including “all cancer types” under the Act.
    • Completing coverage of the Gastrointestinal Tract/Digestive, Respiratory, and Female Reproductive Systems and adding coverage for Catastrophic Traumatic Exposure.
    • And reducing the cumulative periods for Primary Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Primary Site Kidney Cancer, and Primary Site Esophageal Cancer from 20 to 15 years.
  • Direct WorkSafeBC to initiate an Occupational Disease Planned Inspectional Initiative for targeted B.C. fire departments;
  • Expand MSP to cover the cost of medically-necessary cancer screening for B.C. firefighters;
  • Order a review of WorkSafeBC’s Hearing Loss Claim Schedule for all fire personnel regardless of rank; and
  • Support mandatory psychological training, voluntary follow ups and instruct WorkSafeBC to review operational stress injury claims status.


“B.C.’s firefighters have been calling on government to take these straightforward steps and BC United it committed to providing this critical support, in the service of all British Columbians.”