NDP fails to deliver on investments for students and teachers in Surrey

SURREY (March 1, 2024) – BC United MLAs Elenore Sturko and Trevor Halford released the following statement in response to the NDP’s lacklustre school announcement in Surrey today:

“Today’s announcement falls well short of the capital investments required for Surrey. Last summer, the School District approved a capital plan calling for nine new schools and 16 school additions to meet the growing need in a city that is already over capacity. Frankly, the announcement of only one new school, and a re-announcement of one renovation, should be an embarrassment. The 1,400 new seats that will be added, don’t even cover the new growth expected in the district.

“Development in the Darts Hill neighbourhood has been in the city’s plans for years and, knowing it takes five years to plan and build a school, the NDP should have announced this project years ago.

“The NDP have been in government for seven years and have consistently failed to plan for Surrey’s growing needs. Whether it’s schools, healthcare, housing, or transit infrastructure, Surrey has been failed by David Eby. These schools are desperately needed today, not five years from now.

“You would think given their promise to eliminate portables in Surrey, the NDP would have fast tracked more schools for Surrey, instead over the last seven years David Eby and the NDP have increased portables by over 32 percent. It’s clear that when it comes to Surrey, David Eby thinks second best is good enough.

“United, we will address the challenges facing Surrey and ensure our kids are in learning spaces that will serve their educational needs. Surrey students deserve nothing less.”