BC United will fix affordability by unleashing economic prosperity

VANCOUVER (June 20, 2024) – British Columbians suffering under the NDP’s years of rising costs, punishing taxes, and anti-prosperity policies will have a chance to get ahead under Kevin Falcon and BC United’s plan for a government that lives within its means and stops reaching into taxpayers wallets.

“Higher costs and out-of-control government spending under the NDP have made life less affordable for British Columbians,” said Kevin Falcon, BC United Leader. “BC United will deliver a significant reduction in the tax burden people are facing and we’re committing to no new taxes so people get the chance to catch up and get ahead.”

The NDP has increased or introduced 32 new taxes and fees while in government, resulting in half of all British Columbians being $200 or less away from being able to afford their bills every month. Kevin Falcon and BC United will help British Columbians get back on track guided by the following commitments:

  • End the Tax Grabs: Address affordability with a significant reduction in the tax burden on British Columbians and a commitment to no new taxes.
  • Balance the Budget: Achieve a balanced budget within the first term and hold government spending increases to CPI plus population growth.
  • Open B.C. to Jobs: Create jobs and opportunity with the most competitive business environment in Canada, dramatically reduce red tape and bureaucracy, and ensure guaranteed permitting and approval turnarounds.


“Folks are struggling right now, as David Eby and the NDP take more from taxpayers than ever before. We need a government that can responsibly manage taxpayer dollars and reduce the tax burden while focusing on delivering vital services efficiently,” said Peter Milobar, BC United’s Shadow Minister for Finance. “BC United will protect healthcare and education while spending smarter and restoring fiscal responsibility by reducing hundreds of millions of dollars of Eby’s wasteful spending on consulting firms, a bloated Premier’s office, and unnecessary management layers which have piled up under the NDP.”

Unlocking the potential of B.C.’s natural resources involves reducing red tape, speeding up permits, and providing certainty for investment in sectors like LNG and mining. Unleashing major project investments will drive economic growth and create high-quality jobs in key industries.

“The only natural resource project the NDP has been interested in is mining the wallets of taxpayers over and over again,” added Falcon. “BC United will restore affordability and set the stage for investments and job creation that will help British Columbians get ahead. United, we will fix it.”


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