Peter Milobar

For months, I have joined our BC United Leader Kevin Falcon in calling on David Eby and his NDP government for some form of tangible relief. British Columbians feel squeezed, stretched to the limit by the increasing costs of food, fuel, housing and so much more. Real action to address the serious affordability challenges facing our province is long overdue, and while the NDP may not be able to deliver, BC United has a plan to make a difference in people’s lives right away.

Time for common sense carbon tax reforms as cost-of-living crisis grows

Mike de Jong

In a shocking and deeply concerning revelation, recent findings have uncovered public money being used to purchase illicit drugs from the dark web, feeding organized crime and perpetuating the drug crisis in B.C. As taxpayers, we expect our tax dollars to be used ethically in ways that benefit society as a whole — with tangible results to show for it. This clearly is not the case with David Eby, where the crisis has only continued to worsen after six years and two terms of an NDP government.

B.C. tax dollars fuelling the illicit drug trade

Mike de Jong
David Eby and the BC NDP have a knack for implementing policies without thinking through the consequences. Case in point: their reckless experiment with drug decriminalization. It’s a saga that has left parents, experts, municipalities, and our BC United Official Opposition shaking our heads in disbelief. It’s time to end this failed decriminalization experiment and put the safety and well-being of British Columbians first.

Eby’s decriminalization U-turn a stunning admission of failure

Karin Kirkpatrick
It remains incredibly difficult to find quality, affordable daycare for our children. Despite the NDP’s 2017 election promise of $10-a-day childcare, precious few spaces at that rate have actually materialized — more than half a decade later. It’s time to provide people with the affordable childcare solutions they deserve, and to give them the break they need from this worsening middle-class squeeze.

Affordable childcare long way off under NDP

Todd Stone

Crises in affordability, housing, health care and crime have become a grim ‘new normal’ in B.C., at a time when the NDP government is spending more money than ever. We need a government that not only understands that we’re in an affordability crisis, but actually takes real steps to provide relief for everyday people. We need a government that offers hope and tangible solutions — anything less is not good enough.

Time for a break from the NDP’s middle class squeeze

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