Todd Stone

Time for a break from the NDP’s middle class squeeze

It’s difficult to describe the stress that British Columbians feel right now in the face of a constantly worsening affordability crisis. More people than ever are struggling to make ends meet, as the cost of everything from gas to housing to groceries seems to increase by the day.

The NDP’s middle class squeeze is having a significant negative impact on people in every corner of the province, with more than 50 per cent of B.C. families reporting being $200 or less away from insolvency at the end of each month. While the wildly high prices of gas and housing in Metro Vancouver often make the most headlines, anyone who lives elsewhere in B.C. can quickly tell you affordability is not just a Vancouver problem.

Here in Kamloops, I hear almost every day from constituents concerned about the increasing cost of living. Housing that used to be affordable is now getting out of reach for many, grocery bills are starting to get unmanageable, and the price of keeping a vehicle running is becoming unsustainable.

I hear from parents, concerned about the ability of their children to afford their own homes and remain in their communities, and young professionals who are finding it more challenging than ever to pay their rent as other essential costs soar.

Unfortunately, while the NDP government seems to be very aware of the affordability problem, they have so far failed to take any meaningful steps to address it. In fact, under David Eby’s NDP, British Columbians are seeing shrinking paycheques and recession-like conditions.

Crises in affordability, housing, health care and crime have become a grim ‘new normal’, at a time when our government is spending more money than ever. We now have a projected provincial deficit of $6.7 billion — and what do we have to show for it?

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time this year talking to British Columbians from every part of B.C., and I’ve yet to meet anyone who truly feels they are better off after six years of this NDP government. People are paying more and getting less, whether it’s their taxpayer dollars going to health care or large infrastructure projects like the Highway 1 widening, or their daily essentials like groceries and fuel.

What I know for sure is that people are exhausted and they deserve a break from this relentless middle class squeeze. Results matter and, over and over again, this NDP government has proven they are incapable of delivering on their promises to British Columbians.

We need a government that not only understands that we’re in an affordability crisis, but actually takes real steps to provide relief for everyday people. We need a government that offers hope and tangible solutions — anything less is not good enough.


Originally published by CFJC Today, October 12, 2023

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