Peter Milobar

Time for common sense carbon tax reforms as cost-of-living crisis grows

People are tired of waiting for relief from the rising cost-of-living. For so many British Columbians, every trip to the gas station has become anxiety-inducing and every trip to the grocery store has turned into a frustrating math equation — a depressing exercise of calculating what products can be made to stretch the furthest, as prices seem to rise by the day.

For months, I have joined our BC United Leader Kevin Falcon in calling on David Eby and his NDP government for some form of tangible relief. British Columbians feel squeezed, stretched to the limit by the increasing costs of food, fuel, housing and so much more.

Real action to address the serious affordability challenges facing our province is long overdue, and while the NDP may not be able to deliver, BC United has a plan to make a difference in people’s lives right away. This week, BC United announced bold measures we would take to provide support to British Columbians struggling with the rising cost-of-living in our province.

A BC United government would take bold action in four key areas to ensure more money stays in your pocket.

First, we would end the pain at the pumps by permanently eliminating the provincial fuel tax, saving drivers up to 15 cents per litre on gasoline and diesel. For someone in the Fraser Valley who drives a truck, this would mean as much as $33 of savings every time you fill up your tank. What would you do with $30 more every week? What additional groceries could you buy with that money to feed your family?

Not only would removing this tax make gas cheaper, but it would have the additional impact of lowering the cost of every good or service that depends on fuel for transportation. Lower gas prices mean lower supply chain costs and more affordable groceries and everyday necessities.

Second, we would end David Eby’s planned carbon tax hikes, ensuring British Columbians don’t continue to suffer from skyrocketing prices in the years ahead, when it is already so difficult to make ends meet.

Third, we will immediately remove the carbon tax from all home heating fuels to ensure a level playing field with other provinces. Heating our homes is essential and government should not be allowing this necessity to become prohibitively expensive.

Fourth, we would remove the carbon tax for on-farm fuel use for farmers, ranchers, and the agricultural sector. This will lower costs for our hard-working farmers and make groceries more affordable for all British Columbians.

The policies, as outlined by Kevin Falcon this week will make an immediate and positive impact on people’s lives to ensure that British Columbians keep more money in their pockets.

People do not want a government that points the finger and waits for other levels government to act, and they do not want leaders that make promises they have no ability to fulfil.

It’s not enough for this NDP government to acknowledge the cost-of-living crisis — it has a responsibility to actually do something about it. BC United is ready to deliver tangible results and affordable essentials for all British Columbians, because it’s what people need and deserve.


Originally published in the Fraser Valley Today on November 1, 2023

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